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I got on the plane at 12pm on 06.08 Van time. It takes 10 hrs to fly from Vancouver to 関空, compared to 8 hrs to 成田. Couldn't sleep at all on the plane...maybe coz the mocha I drank before flying...blood-shot eyes ショック

I arrived at 関空 at about 3pm Japan time. Went straight to the JR office to exchange my JR pass. Quite a fancy design...

I rode from 関空〜新大阪--it took 1 hr. Was very tired but very excited at the same time. From 新大阪, I rode 新幹線 to 東京。 I couldn't help but fell asleep. Right before reaching 品川, I woke up...and while I was stretching, I read on the LCD panel on the train: 「人気デュオCHEMISTRYの堂珍嘉邦さん(25)がタレントの森田あつ子さん(25)と結婚したことが9日明らかになった。」 I was rubbing my eyes...thought I was dreaming (what a nightmare!). The headline appeared again...and I couldn't believe it...awful awful news to start my wonderful trip.

It was past 8pm when I reached 新宿駅...and went to ドトール to meet Sabrina, and just when I reached that cafe, I saw her! Oh I do miss her a was so nice to get together again! We went to eat at KIKUCHI (?? 名前覚えてない), Italian restaurant, next to 東南口. We ate 2 pastas and desserts.

After the fun time at the restaurant, we went to meet up with Amy and Ken. I'm going to stay at their house for the week that I'm going to be in 東京. They are very nice to have my luggage be left to them in 恵比寿駅...and Sabrina and I went to her hotel for the night. We were thinking of going to 六本木 or our fave restaurant "Dancing Monkey" in 青山 but decided it was quite late and we didn't want to take the we chatted for quite a while in her room ^^ We did a lot of catching up! It was fun, like old times.
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I took the 8:36 train to 別府 so we woke up very early in the morning. Aparted with Sabrina, hope we can each other again very soon! It took almost 6 hrs on 新幹線 to reach 博多. The train made a brief stop in 新大阪 so I made a dash out to get a lunch box...

When reaching 博多, I took another train, called the ソニック to go to 別府。 It was around 6:30 when Katie arrived, 相変わらず元気でよかった。 We went to a ファミレス (Joyfull) for a mini-dinner, then we did some grocery shopping, and rode the bus back to her dorm. I have to remember that 9:33pm is their last bus on weekdays and 10:00pm on weekends, coz I don't wanna take the taxi home! 別府 is very inconvenient.

At the dorm, I met Al and their friends. They started to prepare dinner. Reminded me of my dorm life last year...
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I was going to explore 阿蘇山 today but it was pouring in the morning so I slept in instead. At around 12:30pm, Al and I went to the 食堂 in APU to eat lunch. 味噌汁 is just ¥20!!! They had to go to class so I went down the mountain myself. At the bus station, I took a pic of the uni.

It stopped raining by the time I reached 大分 so I decided to shop around. They have PARCO there 拍手 I went inside Starbucks for a iced mocha coz it was getting hot again. Thanks to Al, she gave me her 携帯 to use for the day coz it's just impossible to walk around without one.

It was around 7:30pm that I left 大分 to go back to 別府 to meet with the rest of the girls. I waited at Mister Donuts for Katie to finish her tutoring job, then we went to 焼き肉屋さん together.
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It was a very sunny day today晴れ so I jumped on the earliest bus down to the mountain to go to 阿蘇山。 By the time I reached the mountain, it was already 11:30am. I took the bus up, and the bus driver stopped after 10 minutes, to let us off to take some pics.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this. Because of the poisonous gas, we weren't allowed to go up the ropeway to see the actual volcano怒り I was really disappointed...

Since there was nothing else to do anymore, I went inside the shops near 阿蘇山 and there, I stepped inside an art exhibition...and took a picture of the picture of the mountain hehe...I wouldn't wanna go near this!
It was only 2pm when I rode the bus down, so I decided to go to 天神. Browsed around and ate ラーメン...yum! Very tired by the time I went back to the dorm...
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Very sunny day again today嬉しい I opened the curtains in Katie's room, and wow...nice view! 海見えるんだよ!

In the morning we went to co-op to get a バス pass. We went to a restaurant that Katie says is famous for オムライス.

After a yummy lunch, we went to 温泉...we weren't sure which one to go to coz 別府 has a lot of good 温泉, and we finally decided to go to どろ湯. We were quite disappointed coz it wasn't what we thought it was. The mud was full of hair冷や汗冷や汗冷や汗

We parted with Evena and クモ and headed for 海地獄...we rushed there to find out that all the other six 地獄 close at 5pm. We only got to see 海地獄 but it was enough for the day.

We took the バス to go to the beach where their friends are preparing for BBQ. According to them, this bay is called 別府湾.

As you can see, we're grilling our food in total darkness...and eating them without knowing if they're still cooked or not 汗
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I rode on the earliest バス down the mountain. Thought that the way to 長崎 isn't really far coz can go from 湯布院...but when I got to the station to ask, the guy there said that I must go to 博多 first, then transfer to 長崎。遠すぎ!!!銃 Nevertheless, I decided to go.

The station is quite new and big. I went outta the station and rode on the 電車's just like the 都電! Yes very very slow...

This is where the A-bomb was dropped. I also went to 平和公園&原爆質料館. It was very upsetting...

I wondered around 長崎 for an hr or two, then went back to 福岡 to do some last minute souvenir-shopping. Almost missed the last bus coz there was 人身事故 on one of the lines in 博多 汗 Went back to the dorm feeling very stressed and tired...
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九州 trip was coming to an end. Travelling around in 九州 was just like in 北海道 need to check all the bus/train schedules before heading out, or you'll lose a lot of time. Last time I stayed 7 days in 北海道, maybe next time, I should stay in 九州 for a few more days. Anyway I had a fun time, went to some great 温泉 (and a yucky one!), met with old friends and made new ones.

I was off to 東京 today. Got outta the dorm asap coz I had to be at 早稲田駅 by 6 something. When I reached 恵比寿, it was already 5:15pm, dropped off my stuff at Amy's house, and went to meet up with 未来.

It has been 6 months since we met in Van! We went straight to 理美's house. Her family prepared A LOT of food for was all very very delicious! Thank you!!! Everybody in her family is very friendly 楽しい 未来 had to leave the day after to go to Europe...hope she has tons of fun there!
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Busy schedule today. At 11am, 真理子&絢香 waited for me in 新宿 to have lunch...we went to the restaurant inside MYLORD. Didn't have time to hang around with them coz I had to go to TUFS after しょんぼり Hope next time I go, we can chill more.

Arrived at TUFS at around 2pm to meet with 荒川先生...but when I went into his office, he wasn't there. Hmm. So I went to 弓道場 to find the team members. It was very なつかしい to see them practice again, take out their equipment, warming up, etc. It was as if I didn't leave at all...

At around 3pm, almost everybody showed up for practice. There are soooooo many people in the team now...all lined up waiting for their turn. The picture here shows only the girls side...coz the screen of my camera couldn't fit everybody汗

At around 4:00pm, I went to see if 荒川先生 is back, and there he is! We talked for a while about graduate school, and he told me to re-consider entering TUFS grad school...!?

I went back to 道場 to say my farewells, and headed to my pastor's house at 白山。 We had a good bible study there...again, I felt as if I didn't leave at all. The feeling is hard to put into words.

Later on, Amy and Ken led me to the famous 白山ラーメン...there were a lot of サラリーマン on their knees, or kneeling on the streets while eating their noodles. It was a funny scene, esp in 東京!

I had a great day, although very tired, but a very efficient one! Thank God for giving me this time.
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This morning I didn't have anything planned because I need to do some shoppingジョギング So off I went...around 1:30pm, I arrived at the house of 勝村さん. She prepared a HUGE lunch for me!! We chatted about everythingホットコーヒー

It was time to me to meet としこさん so I left at around 3:30pm. I was suppose to meet her near the platform of 田端駅. We finally met and としこさん looks the same, always pretty and young! We rode on 新幹線 to go to 仙台, where she lives. It took less than 2 hours to get there. When we reached 仙台, it was already around 6:30pm so we decided to eat first. We did some sightseeing on the way, and I became very fond of the city. It's a little cooler than 東京--it was even a bit cold. The streets weren't as crowded as they are in busy cities.

We reached the restaurant where they serve 牛タン, a specialty of 仙台. It was indeed very good! Thank you としこさん for bringing me here and there, even though she seemed a little bit tired from all the travelling.

She brought me to her big house afterwards. It was very roomy with a lot of beautiful paintings. I felt like a princess there haha. We chatted for a while before going to bed.
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like always...
I left 仙台 on the noon train. Thank you としこさん for the wonderful meals and warm hospitality you provided me. I hope we can meet again soon!

I reached 東京 at about 2pm. I had to fill the shopping lists that my family and friends gave me 汗 so I went the places I always go. Sally and I met up at the Starbucks on 表参道 and we went shopping at マルイ. Bargain on shoes! We went crazy for a while and then we had to part to go our own ways. I went back to 恵比寿 to drop off my heavy bags.

I was running late for my 8pm appointment with 上田さん. I'm so so sorry悲しい It was almost 9pm when I reached 田端駅 where he came to pick me up there. Walking along that narrow street again, with bikes flying around you, is so なつかしい・・・。 I didn't really liked walking the 20 minute walk when I HAD to, but now, the feeling seems so different. We wanted to go to "ah sum's" place for dinner but since she was about to close up for the day, we went to the one across the street. All I felt was...nostalgia. We went back to 会館 and guess what, the 都電 station has moved itself! It's near the fruits shop instead. Anyway we went back to his room...I think it was the first time to enter his room. He said he took 3 days to clean his room since he didn't clean it for a few years...見る

上田さん looked afraid when I took out my camera coz he thought that I was gonna take pics of his room, but no worries...I was just gonna take a pic of this. Thanks for the desserts!!

We chatted for a long time, then we walked back to the station and it was already about 終電...rush!
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