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Today's 全関 and I promised 牧&藤田 that I'd go, so I went, along with Amy and Ken. They said they wanted to try watching the games. Finally get to see 牧&藤田!!!お久しぶり!! We chatted while watching the other uni. competing. When it's almost our team's turn, we rushed to the side where we could see them better.

Just in time. It was fun watching them compete again. Behind the players, 安藤先輩&高谷先輩 are coaching...they were in suits!

I couldn't stay to watch the girls' team play coz I had to go...I had fun with my 弓道部, next time I should stay longer so we could chat more!

My plan was to jump on the train to go to 大阪 but I really wanted to go to church tomorrow, so I decided to stay one more day in 東京。 Since I have one afternoon that is totally free, I went to one of my favorite places...下北沢! I wondered around there and had a relaxing afternoon (although it was 蒸し暑い!!!)

Before going back to 恵比寿, I dropped in at MOSハンバーガー! hehe I really like their burger ラブ.
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This morning, Amy, Ken and I went to church together. Although it was difficult for me to listen to messages in Japanese again (あんまり聞き取れなかった悲しい), it was definitely good practice. Thank God for giving me this chance again.

After that I rushed to 東京駅 to ride the train to 新大阪. When I got there, I went to the place where they can take care of my luggages (I really needed that service coz my suitcase was heavy!) for a day or two so I didn't have to carry them all the way to my friend's house.

The sky is getting gloomy...wuwuwu it's gonna be thunderstorms tomorrow 悲しい Oh well, I was all over Japan the last two weeks but it didn't rain, so I guess it's time to rain...

I met りえ and her sis まいちゃん at 大阪駅 (yeah! it's been almost 2 years!) and we went to have 焼き肉!

I realized how much grilled food I ate in the past two weeks...焼き肉 in 九州、BBQ、牛タン・・・! みか came after work. The three sisters and I had a fantastic time talking, eating, and just enjoying each other 楽しい. We bought dessert and went back to their house.

Her family is always so warm and friendly. We talked about what we should do tomorrow. I wanted to go to 広島 (coz I wanted to fully used up my JR pass!) but the typhoon is gonna come tomorrow バッド...then what should we do?
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It was raining cats and dogs the whole day. I have never seen such horrible weather before in my whole life! The wind made the windows was just like in "MATRIX REVOLUTION" when Neo and the Agent fought...pouring pouring rain. Anyway nobody wanted to go out, including myself, the traveller, so we stayed in and enjoyed "Harry Potter 2"...haha. It was around 3pm when I got outta the house and りえ's mom drove us to the station. りえ and まいちゃん went riding on the train with me. We said bye to まいちゃん at 大阪 (I'm gonna miss her!) and we went to 新大阪 to see if the train to 関空 will run. turned out that the bridge to 関空 was closed びっくりびっくりびっくり and I had to ride the bus from りんくうタウン。 I was quite worried that I'd miss my flight (nevertheless, my flight was delayed for 4 hours)...but as God is always watching over me, I didn't have to take the bus nor missed my flight! 拍手

I arrived at the airport at around 5pm, and went straight to the counter to pick up Katie & Al's box. The guy there asked me if it was an 大きい段ボール...and I was like, no, it shouldn't be that big. When he carried it out for me, I was it was so heavy and big (with absolutely no strings or anything to hold on to)...oh just 銃 me.

I waited and waited at the airport. Nothing to I browsed around the airport and bought some souvenirs.

A HUGE thank-you to my great friends in Japan!!! All the people I met in Japan, and all the fun things we did...THANK YOU!! To the Kyoto-ites whom I didn't have the chance to meet, and to all other people in Tokyo, I'm very very sorry...but I'm sure we'll have the chance to meet again! This 2-week trip was very short, but it was a very meaningful and well-spent 2 weeks for me. 本当にありがとうございました!!!またどこかで会いましょう!
(Don't I sound like those singers in their finale concert?!!)


This was taken on the plane on the way back to Van. I think this is in Alaska?!! I'm not sure though...the moutains look very beautiful in this angle, don't they?
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